Book Reviews – An Old Friend And A New Acquaintance

SurvivorAs one that hesitates to read works either completed by someone other than the original author or where the characters are picked up by another, I was more than a little apprehensive about the new Vince Flynn book – The Survivor. I shouldn’t have been. As I understand it, Vince Flynn started this book prior to his passing away and Kyle Mills finished the book. Knowing that, and having read all of the earlier Vince Flynn – Mitch Rapp books, I could not discern any difference in the way the story flowed or how the characters were developed. While I don’t know where this goes from here, I would not hesitate to read a Mitch Rapp book totally written by Mills. If you are a Vince Flynn – Mitch Rapp – fan by all means get the book! Even is you have never read one of the books in the series you may want to start.

still watersI am not so sure that if this book was not one of those “Read For Free” on Amazon if I would have acquired it, but this first book in a series by Viveca Sten proved worth while and I am glad I did.  Still Waters, is set on a idyllic Swedish vacation island of Sandhamn. During a walk on the beach with his dog a man finds two dead bodies. To complicate matters, the discovery occurred at the beginning of July – the traditional vacation time in Sweden when may on the police force are away. Thomas Andreasson the lead investigator dealing with his own demons – a child lost to SIDS and a divorce – works his way through sometimes bizarre relationships and events on the way to the solution. While the book, and the second one mentioned below, have a different tempo than traditional murder mysteries I found them refreshing reads that move smoothly.

closed circlesThe second book, Closed Circles, is set at the same and location in the same time-frame one year later and begins with a rather bizarre murder where the captain of a sailing boat is shot dead while at the wheel of his craft at the exact time the starters gun begins the annual regatta. Again Thomas Andreasson leads the investigation and us, the readers, through ever changing circumstances and possible suspects. While the ending to many a book has it’s surprises this one could well stand at the top.

Both books come with a high recommendation. The author, Viveca Sten, is a well regarded Swedish author and I look forward to reading more of her offerings.

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