Commentary – What Is Going On?

llb-photoWhat the hell are these “Protests” to Trump’s election all about? Typically the objective of protests is to change something – like the civil rights movement or in an attempt to change a decision by some legislative body – be it Federal, State or Local. Let’s face it, this decision by the people of the United States is unalterable for the next four years. To my mind, these look like little children throwing a temper tantrum because they cannot have another cookie or ice cream cone.

Obviously, at least some of this group could not conceive that the election would turn out without a Hillary Clinton win. They seem to  have forgotten what President Obama said, “Elections have consequences, and at the end of the day, I won.” – President Obama to House Republican Whip Eric Cantor, January 23, 2009. Earlier today, Geraldo Rivera made the point that the places where the protests, and acts of violence, are occurring are in cities where Hillary Clinton had huge majorities. I suppose it is another example of the “Why doesn’t everybody agree with me, I am much smarter” syndrome. Or that they are so isolated in these enclaves that it never occurs to them that there are as many or more with other views.

As is typical, we once again hear “We should eliminate the Electoral College and have Presidential elections decided by the popular vote”. This selection process seems to me is just another example of the wisdom of our founding fathers. Where each state gets a proportionate representation in the House of Representatives, with at least one congressperson, but each state receives two senators regardless of the population. These balance the inherent bias toward the states with the larger populations with the need to provide a “Place At The Table” for states with smaller populations.

Whether we voted for Trump or Clinton the time for hand-wringing is over. Trump will be our President for the next four years and we all owe him the support so that we can achieve the best outcome for all. Continuing to deny reality serves no real purpose and only serves to expand and preserve the divide.

Here is the link to a post by Jonathan Turley that looks at this from a different perspective. Turley, for those of you who do not know, is a law professor at George Washington University and a highly respected legal scholar. By the way, his blog just passed 30,000,000 views!

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