Day Brightener – We May Not Always Know The Value Of Beer


corona-2coronaYesterday morning I bought two six packs of beer on sale at the Liquor  Store. 

I  placed them on the front seat of the car and headed back home.

service-stationI  stopped at the service station where an (almost drop-dead gorgeous, almost blonde)  chic filling up her car at the next pump. It  was very warm and she was wearing tight shorts and a light top which was wide open. 

blonde-at-stationShe glanced at the beer, bent over and knocked on my passenger window.  With  her bra-less breasts almost falling out of her skimpy top she said, in a  sexy voice, “  I’m a big believer in barter. Would you be interested in trading sex for  beer?”  

guyI  thought for a few seconds and asked her 

…..  “What kind of beer you got?

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