Friday Frivolity – 19 Quotes That Are Perfect For People Who Hate Inspirational Quotes

1. Just let those first impressions last.

2. There are two quotes here. Neither are inspirational.

3. Because it never lasts.

4. Heck, they’d even like you for hating yourself.

5. It’s a dirty job and you get to do it.

6. Everybody dies. It’s better to die looking good, right?

7. Not even yourself in front of a mirror.

8. Because ugliness is only skin deep.

9. Just in case you didn’t crash hard enough yesterday.

10. At least they got up, right?

11. So enjoy that moment because it might be your last.

12. True that!

13. Your selfies will be deeper than the ones without quotes.

14. They have to make up for the lack of numbers.

15. Eliminate the root cause of everything.

16. And food loves you.

17. Some of them you’ll never afford in your lifetime.

18. That says a lot about how they feel about each other.

19. Yeah, stop dreaming, you stalker.

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