Commentary – Hail To Dick Tracy

Hail to Dick Tracy! Those of us that are a little, well maybe more, older will remember the fearless police detective Dick Tracy in both the newspaper cartoons and later on TV. Little did we know at the time that Dick was foretelling the future in communications. Bear in mind, this was 60 to 70 years ago, and Dick had his wrist communications device from which he handled all necessary activity.

Fast forward to yesterday when yours truly ventured to the Apple store and acquired an Apple Watch. I can now accomplish what Dick Tracy could do, all be it 60 plus years later. I can use my wrist device to make calls, send text messages and a whole raft of other functions. At the time, Tracy’s activities were viewed as little more than science fiction – maybe just fiction – with little thought that one day we might see that functionality.

As one that has lived through the range of devices – from the early cell phones that looked like and felt like a brick and communication was at the best spotty and scratchy – to today’s cellphones with a full range of capabilities and now to a watch. Given the history of technology, I find it difficult to think that this is the end of the line. That does cause one to wonder, what are today’s Dick Tracys foretelling for our future?

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