Day Brightener – Sometimes The Best Laid Plans Go Astray

A woman was sure that her husband was cheating on her, and having an affair with the Maid. So she laid down a trap. One evening she suddenly sent the maid home for the weekend & didn’t tell the husband. That night when they went to bed, the husband gave the old story: “Excuse me my dear, my stomach aches”, and went to the bathroom.  The wife promptly went into the Maid’s bed. She switched the lights off. When he came in silently, he wasted no time or words but had his way with her…. When he finished and was still panting, the wife said: “You didn’t expect to find me in this bed, did you?” And then she switched on the light… “No madam”, said the Gardener.

Blonde ImageLast year, I replaced, like, all the windows in my house with those expensive, double-pane, energy-efficient kind. Today, I, like, got a call from the contractor who installed them. He complained that the work had been completed a year ago and I still hadn’t, like, paid for them. OMG!  Hellloooo,………… Just because I’m blonde doesn’t mean that I’m, like, automatically stupid. So, I told him just what his fast-talking sales guy told me last year — that these windows would, like, pay for themselves in a year. Helllooooo? It’s been a year, so they’re, like, paid for, I told him. There was only silence at the other end of the line, so I finally hung up. He never called back. I bet he felt like an idiot.

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