Day Brightener – Signs With A Sense Of Humor

Back in 2005, the local Chevron gas station in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood converted their auto repair shop into a convenience store.  Their outdoor sign—once used for service promotions and store specials—became redundant with the inside of the store already plastered with signage.   So the owners decided to have fun with the outdoor sign instead, and the @WallingfordSign was born  This weekly sign message has become so popular, it has become a more effective marketing tool for the gas station than anything prior.

jon-24 jon-22 jon-21 jon-20 jon-19 jon-18 jon-17 jon-16 jon-15 jon-14 jon-13 jon-11 jon-10 jon-9 jon-8 jon-7 jon-6 jon-5 jon-4 jon-3 jon-2 jon1

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