Commentary- A Couple Of Days In The Life Of My iPhone

About a week ago , I thought that my iPhone X was bent in that it appeared higher in the middle. A quick trip to the Verizon store and they reminded me that the iPhone X has a glass back and does not bend. They checked and determined that the battery was swelling and that is not good. As I did not have a Verizon insurance plan my options at Verizon were not that good. Pay the remaining balance on my existing phone, not that much, and purchase a new iPhone XS and start a new 2-year plan. I declined, left the store and called Apple.

The Apple technician deduced that my battery had to be replaced and the cost would be $69.00. I could do a mail in repair, same cost plus delivery charges, or take in to an Apple Store or authorized service center. As I did not want to be without a phone for a few days, I opted for the other option. From here in Alexandria Minnesota the nearest Apple Store is at the Ridgedale Center In Minnetonka – a 120 miles away. In a recent announcement from Apple, the Best Buy Store in St. Cloud, along with another 1,000 Best Buy locations, is now an authorized Apple service center and only 70 miles away which sounded like a better option. A call to the Geek Squad at the store poured cold water on that option. He said they had little experience and his take was that what the Apple Store could do in 30 minutes could well take them a couple of hours. Plus, he said, if there was more than just a battery replacement the Apple Store would have more capabilities. (Turned out he was quite right.) Logon to and make a Genius Bar appointment at the Apple Store in Minnetonka for the next day.

I arrive at the Apple Store a little early but they work me in in about 30 minutes. The technician asks about the problem, looks at my phone, did a little testing and says they will replace the phone at no cost. He literally had ordered up the replacement phone before he told me the phone would be replaced as it arrived at about the same time. Turns out, they do not replace batteries when they expand, only when they are depleted. The phone is built to contain leaking issues and when there are issues with swelled or expanded batteries that might put their technicians at risk, they do not open the the phone to replace the battery. So in short order I walked out of the store with a new iPhone X.

So, once again, Apple proved to me why I love them and their products. By-the-way, this phone was 20 months old. In very rapid succession, I went from an expensive solution, through a minor expense to a top-notch no cost resolution. One could certainly wonder why the staff at the Verizon store did not mention either the Apple battery or phone replacement possibilities. Maybe not in their best interests or they just didn’t know?

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