Day Brightener – Converting The Bear

A priest, a baptist and a rabbi walk into a bar and started getting sloshed.

They decide that they need to test their faith to see which one is the best. They decide the ultimate challenge is to see if they can convert a bear.

So the next day they all go out into the wood to try and meet up again at the bar that night.

The priest comes in with a broken arm and scratches all over his body and smilingly says: “I had to run around the bear and read him the entire Bible but he saw the light and he was converted.”

The baptist is on crutches with two broken legs and a broken arm and his head all bandaged. He says: “I had to wrestle that bear to the ground and baptize him in the stream but he saw the light and he was converted, hallelujah!”

Then the Rabbi gets wheeled in in a full body cast. He says: “Ya know, in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have started with circumcision.”

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