Day Brightener – In Golf As In Other Pursuits Be Careful What You Ask For

David Feherty ImageDavid Feherty does a standup show that is quite spectacular. It’s all about his life in golf, the drinking and lots of stories about life on the tour. Here’s one of his stories.

Golfer and CaddieIt was back in the 70s and a very prominent golfer of the time was playing at Augusta for his first Masters…back then the players could not bring their own caddies but had to use one of the locals. This particular golfer told the caddy master he wanted a big fellow who could handle his bag but who also would keep quiet, no advice needed. He was assigned Floyd who said ” hello Mr. ………..”. The golfer said ” hello ” and ” that’s the last I want to hear.”

Everything went well until the 10th hole when the golfer pushed his drive into the right trees on the par 4…after surveying the scene he said out loud….”I’m going to hit a low fade out through that opening to carry and land mid green and roll over the crest down near the hole”.  Surprisingly he pulled it off exactly and turned to his caddy and said ” how’s that? “

The caddy spoke for the first time and said ” that wasn’t your ball.” 

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