Day Brightener – 15 Of The Scariest Signs From Around The World

If you ever wanted to feel like you’re a part of a horror film, definitely hit up the following caves, hikes, and trails that are filled with terror. Below are images collected from the subreddit /r/ScarySigns where users will post actual photographs of signs they’ve found around the world warning them of sickness or death. Below are 15 of the craziest signs that have no problem informing visitors how how they’ll die.

At A Time When We Really Needed It

What A Lovely Name

Plot Twist

Somehow The Cartoon Makes It More Terrifying

Oh Hell No



Apartment Buildings Are Fun

You Might Want To Put That In A Bigger Font

What A Welcome

Thanks For Letting Us Know On Such A Small Piece Of Paper

Incredible Band Name

Well That’s Dark

Well Now We’ll Never Know

No Thank You

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