3 thoughts on “Day Brightener – Some Funny Stuff, Part 1

  1. A friend sent me a collection of funny signs, and in tracking this one down I found the motherlode on your blog site. I would like to repost the cowshit sign while giving you credit and providing a link to your blog. I post my lighter and more humorous posts on Thursdays, and I’m planning this post for 3 Thursdays out (Oh, that’s April Fool’s Day, a pure coincidence), assuming you give me permission. Here’s a link to the draft of that post https://cogitoergodunn.wordpress.com/?p=5087.

    I’ve also checked the box below for email notification of new posts. Does that count as an Email Follower? I know we all like to bump up our Follower numbers. Yours, Jim Dunn, fellow blogger

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