Day Brightener – In A Respite From All Of The News Today, A Look At Some History In Photos.

An Ottoman supply train still lays where it was ambushed by Lawrence of Arabia on the Hejaz railway during World War I. 

Holy Roman Emperor Maximillian I wore these armored gloves from 1508 until his death in 1519. (Now we know where Star Wars got some of their designs) 

The Cau Vang, outside the city of Da Nang in Vietnam is held up by two giant stone hands. 

This amazing 16th Century ring unfolds into an astronomical sphere. 

This 500-year-old boxwood miniature from the 16th century was created in the Netherlands 

This small ornate ax was made in Germany during the late 1500s. 

Carbonized bread from Pompeii that still has the baker’s stamp on it, 79 AD. 

18th century carved door in Germany with incredible workmanship 

A futuristic-looking 1938 Dymaxion, designed by American inventor Buckminster Fuller 

The library inside of the Waldsassen Abbey in Bavaria holds thousands of volumes bound in white pigskin. 

‘Cow shoes’ used by moonshiners in the Prohibition days to disguise their footprints, 1924 

Designed and built in the late 1800’s, this steamer trunk coverts into a stand-up dresser so the traveler doesn’t have to unpack. 

The 1936 Stout Scarab is one of the first minivans. 

Marketed as a toy for kids, U-238 Atomic Energy Labs came with three different types of live uranium ore and a Geiger counter. 

Shoes worn by Allied spies during World War II to steer the adversaries in the opposite direction 

The ornate Elephant Tower of the Carlsberg Brewery in Kopenhagen, 1901. 

A triple-decker bus roaming the streets of Berlin, Germany. 

Extreme tree pruning crew from the late 1800s. 

17 year-old Juliane Koepcke was sucked out of an airplane in 1971 after it was struck by a bolt of lightning. She fell 2 miles to the ground, strapped to her seat and survived after she endured 10 days in the Amazon Jungle. 

90-year-old Grandma in the Czech Republic passes time by artistically painting houses. 

Nicknamed ‘Methuselah’ this Californian bristlecone pine tree was seeded in the year 2833 BC, which makes this tree 4,850 years old. 

One does have to wonder … How the age of this tree is known for sure??? …. 

Infants sleeping in the open air after lunch at a maternity hospital in Moscow, 1958 

Mildred Burke, a pioneer of women’s pro-wrestling who began wrestling men at carnivals in 1935. She would go on to wrestle over 200 men, losing to only 1. 

** Notice it says ‘Girl’ wrestler!! She looks pretty much like a woman to me!! **

One of the most iconic photographs ever taken/ Bob Hope, John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra (circa 1975)

   ** Only one missing is Sammy Davis Jr…… then you would have “The Rat Pack” ** 

The ornate Klementinum Library in Prague. 

Hope you enjoyed these history photos……

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