Day Brightener – Options – Door Number 1, 2, or 3?

A man dies and goes to hell

When he arrives, he meets the devil, standing in front of three doors.

“What are these doors?” The man asks.

The devil tells him “Hell isn’t so bad, you get to choose your accommodations. Behind these doors are your three options.”

The man then asks to see behind each door, so he can choose his eternal accommodations wisely.

The devil opens the first door. Behind it is a room that is sweltering hot, as hot as the surface of the sun, and inside are a bunch of people standing on their heads.

After seeing this, the man says “Hmm… I never have been a huge fan of hot weather. I get really sweaty. What’s behind the next door?”

The devil opens the second door. Behind it is another room, this one freezing cold, as cold as the arctic in winter. Inside, a bunch of people are shivering, standing on their heads.

The man then says “Oh, no this won’t work. I get this weird thing with my feet when I’m cold, I don’t think I would like this very much. What’s behind the last door?

Finally, the devil opens the last door. Behind it are a bunch of people neck deep in shit, drinking coffee.

The man sees this and says “huh, this doesn’t seem so bad! I’ll take this room!”

He walks in, and just as the devil is about to shut the door, he yells in “Okay everyone, coffee break is over! Back on your heads!”

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