Day Brightener – Scam alert! Men beware

During the recent hot weather here in the UK we have had a couple of young women operating a scam at our local supermarket. They offer a while-you-wait car valeting service – you just drive in and while you sit there, one of them washes the outside of the car while the other vacuums the inside. They’re both really fit-looking and wear skimpy shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. What happens is that while the one outside is leaning across to clean the windscreen, with her wet T-shirt pressed up against the glass and really leaving very little to the imagination, the one inside will take advantage of your distraction to steal your wallet.

They caught me last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (three times), last thing on Thursday, they weren’t there on Friday, and again on Saturday. Good news though, the store does very good imitation Moroccan leather wallets for only £1.75.

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